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This IIAB XSCE content does not reflect the opinion of OLPC. These pages were created by members of a volunteer community supporting OLPC and deployments.


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      • 6.1.1 Jul 2014 Agenda
      • 旋风vpn Jun 2014 Agenda
      • 6.1.3 Jun 2014 Agenda
      • 6.1.4 May 2014 Agenda
      • 6.1.5 Apr 2014 Agenda
      • 6.1.6 Mch 2014 Agenda
      • 6.1.7 Feb 2014 Agenda
      • 6.1.8 Jan 2014 Agenda
      • 旋风加速器下载 Dec 2013 Agenda
      • 6.1.10 Nov 2013 Agenda
      • 6.1.11 Oct 2013 Agenda
      • 6.1.12 Sep 2013 Agenda
      • 6.1.13 Aug 2013 Agenda
      • 6.1.14 Jul 2013 Agenda
      • 6.1.15 Jun 2013 Agenda
      • 6.1.16 May 2013 Agenda
      • 6.1.17 Apr 2013 Agenda
      • 6.1.18 Mch 2013 Agenda
      • 6.1.19 Feb 2013 Agenda
      • 6.1.20 旋风vpn
      • 6.1.21 Dec 2012 Agenda
      • 6.1.22 Nov 2012 Agenda
      • 6.1.23 旋风vp(永久免费)
      • 6.1.24 Sep 2012 Agenda
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Download and Install!

Raspberry Pi 3, 3 B+, 4

Ubuntu, Debian

OLPC XO-1.5, XO-1.75, XO-4

Welcome to Internet-in-a-Box (IIAB) which is a global community of volunteer professionals taking the 旋风加速器ios下载 into a new decade, enabling quality learning among the world's poorest children. Note that we officially renamed from XSCE (School Server Community Edition) to IIAB (Internet-in-a-Box) in 2017!

Please see our 旋风vp(永久免费), read Don Watkins' incredible May 2017 article at and check out our YouTube channel.

The original California-based Internet-in-a-Box (founded by Braddock Gaskill) has been our close partner in making Free content as rich as possible, for all, in more than twenty countries since 2014.

Internet-in-a-Box is also being used for medical education, as can be seen in this Dominican Republic video.

In August 2017, we helped run the http://OFF.NETWORK hackathon, bringing together many organizations 浏览无界! QQ浏览器iPad版全新升级打造极致浏览体验 ...:2021-6-15 · 另外,作为业内第一款支持沉浸式漫画阅读体验的浏览器,QQ浏览器iPad版去掉了引导用户下载APP的广告条,打造了无广告的纯净绿色阅读环境,让漫迷远离广告骚扰,专心享受漫画带来的乐趣。.

Contributors of all kind are invited to contribute your talents to kids and schools and libraries worldwide, making their learning more meaningful in any way you can!

Professional/Commercial support for our free software is available for those who need it, via freelance consultants as necessary. Contact holt @ if you need to get to know your choices here.


Global community volunteers keep our Forums and Frequently Asked Questions (and answers!) fresh thanks to organic input from folks just like yourself, always welcome!


Internet-in-a-Box (IIAB) provides rich content and reliable communication to schools, libraries and classrooms. In everyday usage, a well-designed school server brings laptop/tablet collaboration to life, to bring kids the very best learning opportunities imaginable:

  • Content – bring the best educational media available to your kids and teachers.
  • Classroom connectivity – install quickly like a home Wi-Fi router, or extend it across your school.
  • 安卓游戏随便玩 教你如何安装谷歌框架-今日重庆-华龙网 ...:2021-11-17 · 打开“翻墙路由器”时软件会提醒大家选择启动模式,这里我们选择VPN模式即可。之后联网的过程中软件会提示我们更新,大家忽略就可以了。之后切换页面并打开HTTP协议,这时“翻墙路由器”就设置完成了。 设置翻墙路由器
  • Maintenance – manage laptop/device auto-updates, so teachers can focus on teaching.

Get started by downloading and installing the latest, with our official Install Doc. Raspberry Pi fans and Ubuntu 20.04 / Debian 10 users should try out our IIAB 7.2 pre-release 1-line installer. All consider a Quick Install, to install the best open learning content you need, and please give us input on which directions 旋风vpn should head!

IIAB 7.1 was released June 6, 2020, with Release Notes here.

IIAB 7.0 was released September 30, 2019, with Release Notes here.

旋风加速器ios下载 was released February 21, 2019, with Release Notes here.

IIAB 6.6 was released September 12, 2018, with Release Notes here.

IIAB 6.5 was released May 24, 2018, with Release Notes here.

IIAB 6.4 was released October 5, 2017, with Release Notes here.

IIAB 6.3 was released July 13, 2017, with 旋风vp官网.

IIAB/XSCE 6.2 was released April 19, 2017, with Release Notes here.

旋风加速器下载 was released September 22, 2016, including Calibre, WordPress, DokuWiki, Sugarizer and CUPS.

XSCE 6.0 was released March 27, 2016, following our Toronto Summit, including many new features for educators and administrators. For example Elgg for students and Nextcloud for teachers, as tested in Malaysia starting March 2015. Downloadable images for different OS's are increasingly available (e.g. on CentOS 7.2+ for larger servers) but drop us a line if you need assistance.

Earlier, XSCE 5.1 was released July 27, 2014. Read the full announcement and 旋风vp官网 to learn about its capabilities. The list is impressive: Samba filesharing, XOVis visualization of student work patterns, vnStat traffic-monitoring console, better Internet-in-a-Box searchability, customizable web-filtering requested by many schools, OpenVPN remote access, and a new module for automated field-testing. 旋风加速器下载 was released Jan 22, 2014 introducing ansible progress for developers especially (announcement). XSCE 5.0 RC 1 was released Dec 17, 2013, formerly known as 0.5 RC 1, and XSCE 0.4 on Oct 3, 2013.


Internet-in-a-Box (IIAB) is a community-based project developed and supported by volunteers around the world.

Our heartbeat is weekly calls, typically Thursdays 10:00AM NYC Time, and a 24hr live chat channel described further below. See the Agenda/Minutes for a history of past topics or to add to this week's agenda. Please email Adam Holt (holt @ to coordinate adding you to the call!

Code & issue tracking transitioned from to in May 2017.

Our technical documentation has made great strides since 2017, please let us know what else is needed!

Several times per year we try to meet face-to-face, for a week or weekend of design/hacking. During these sprints (so far all hosted in the northern hemisphere) we drive for consensus designs, work like crazy to prove the core is deliverable, towards a feature freeze soon after the sprint.

For August 2017 we've organizing the http://OFF.NETWORK Content Hackathon in conjunction with Wikimania 2017 in Montreal. We try hard to welcome all: but of course if you're the sort that stands on a soapbox to preach, we may ask you to take a turn in the kitchen ;)

We always welcome open community tools, supporting very diverse contributors and education systems from different parts of the world. Please explore our Forums!

You can also join our 24x7 IRC live chat 旋风vp官网 by entering channel 旋风vp下载 (or, any IRC chat software can be connected to to join this same channel). If your Internet connection is intermittent and you need an intermediary computer (AKA irc bouncer) to connect to irc for you, please contact us and consider these instructions.

Our primary mailing lists are 旋风加速器ios下载 for software/hardware engineering and for educators and implementers. New contributors of all kind are strongly encouraged!

In 2017, we aim for renewed support for community-managed digital libraries, including Calibre and/or Pathagar.

We all try hard not to lose sight of the struggle surrounding the world's poorest schools, which (1) lack broadband (2) are unable to afford pay-per-view ebooks, and (3) are wary of advertising/manipulation of our youngest citizens.

Education is inherently political: how can we each invest our lives nurturing the most meaningful learning opportunities/communities in the face of well-meaning governments/corporations/unions/religions so often adrift?

As such please consider our 85-person "xsce-devel" Google Group, where all contributors are invited to join in non-published discussion: to join please just send a short note about your school/server/experience/ambitions to holt @ (Implementation conversations on civic learning realities are sorely needed at every level, but with a reality check: OLPC's long history makes clear that humanitarian action is rarely served by "e-male" posturing traditions inherent to so many mailing lists. Field educators are far too busy for another self-indulgent flame war.)

As such we seek a more friendly balance, by including more educators' and female voices, in an 东北网2021年12月05日新闻汇总:图:体坛刮起"姐弟恋"旋风 福原爱菲尔普斯领衔 2021-12-05 13:49 [880][东北网游戏] 《封神榜2》“即时国战”公测奖励计划曝光 2021-12-05 13:49 [881][东北网娱乐] 郑秀文私密照曝光 外形差别大再惹整容传闻(图) 2021-12-05 13:49 [882][东北网游戏]


School Servers come in many forms, from tiny offline digital libraries to giant LMS (learning management systems). Here are some of the better known approaches, for developing world communities:

  • The original OLPC School Server, where it all began!
  • Hotspot by Ushahidi, creators of the Kio Tablet
  • since 1999, based on CentOS
  • being enhanced by Mike Dawson, for Nokia phones
  • by Jason Griffey & All (map shows 25 locations)
  • by Braddock Gaskill
  • by Caryl Bigenho, Sebastian Silva & All
  • Sugar Network by Aleksey Lim
  • BeLL Ground Server on RPi, by
  • Pathagar Bookserver by Sayamindu Dasgupta, now maintained by Seth Woodworth & All
  • 旋风vp官网, apparently for Haiti but is there Creole content?
  • Library in a Box by Libraries For All.
  • LibraryBox by Jason Griffey
  • PirateBox by David Darts
  • 旋风加速器ios下载
  • Village Telco by Terry Gillett et. al.
  • RACHEL-Pi "Remote Areas Community Hotspots for Education and Learning"
  • CD3WD DVDs archive for developing world homesteaders, to 什么是VPN? - · 同学..还是说简单点。VPN中文意思。虚拟专用网络。先给你说下组成VPN的重要元素.1:VPN服务器。2 vpn 客户机。好了。现在讲VPN的作用了。。比如你总公司在北京。分公司在上海。北京那个公司是个大的局域网。。上海那边也是。 reminiscent of the 旋风加速器ios下载 begun in 1968
  • Khan Academy is increasingly being translated properly!?
  • Wikipedia Zero arranges free mobile phone access in 25+ countries; Kenya experimenting with SMS access to classic phones (carrier dependent, may force bundling of data plan)
  • FreeNAS network-attached storage system based on FreeBSD.
  • Project BERNIE (Basic Educational Resources Needed for Innovative Education) by Tony Anderson.
  • Ideas Box / Ideas Cube by Libraries Without Borders / Bibliothèques Sans Frontières.
  • $100 Aptus Solar WiFi Mini-PC / Classroom Without Walls. Open Library by Commonwealth of Learning / COL in India, focusing quality content (customizable offline Khan, Wikipedia, ebooks), running Ubuntu for 20 WiFi devices.
  • Lantern "One Device, Free Data From Space Forever"
  • A Connected Planet - strong tablet implementer in Haiti / Plateau Central.
  • 旋风vp(永久免费) and similar dedicated implementers, like Mennonite Committee in ~6 countries in Central Africa?
  • Khan Academy on a Stick by Jonathan Field.
  • FreedomBox By JNTU (Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University, Hyderabad) and
  • FUNSEPA in Guatemala aims to provide reconditioned computers & training to public schools (as many as 4M kids?)
  • mini eLibrary by Smartware Myanmar Co., ltd.
  • LivBox built on YNIBOX
  • YNIBOX by Fred Moine & All


Our community is made up of people just like you. If you are interested in the project please reach out:

  • George Hunt (configuration, GUI, low-power HW)
  • Tim 旋风加速器ios下载 (documentation, testing, Puppet/Ansible auto-distribution & config mgmt)
  • 旋风vp官网 (testing, content/ebooks curation platforms)
  • 旋风vp(永久免费) Mangal (integration, offline cloud, India deployments, content curation)
  • Rodrigo Hartmann (security, GUI, maintainability, intl languages)
  • David Farning (software engineering tips)
  • Alex Kleider (bookserver eg. Pathagar)
  • David Rodríguez Álvarez (web design)
  • Rubén Rodríguez (Linux/Trisquel advisor)
  • 旋风加速器ios下载 (documentation, community coordination & outreach)
  • Professor Sameer Verma (free/open advisor & user)
  • Sridhar Dhanapalan (video; author of the 2012 旋风vp(永久免费))
  • Nitika Mangal (QA Manager in India)
  • Santiago Collazo (Sysadmin, Ansible)
  • Kartik Kumar Perisetla (Sugar developer, Delhi, India)
  • Mike Dawson (advisor on 旋风vpn technologies, Mideast, Afghanistan)
  • Seth Wolfwood (旋风加速器下载 ebooks library)
  • Braddock Gaskill (Internet-in-a-Box)
  • 旋风加速器ios下载 (free software advisor)
  • Mikus Grinbergs (XO-4 & similar hardware testing)
  • John Gunkel (IT configuration)
  • Ajay Garg (webdav 1-to-many collaboration)
  • Miguel González (performance testing)
  • Aneesh Dogra (Pathagar digital book library)
  • Andi Gros (Pathagar books' metadata: where & why?)
  • Terry Gillett (Village Telco, wireless integration)
  • Tom Gilliard (CentOS testing)
  • T.K. Kang (testing, Asia outreach)
  • 旋风vp(永久免费) (Oceania/Pacific deployment realities)
  • Craig Perue (Jamaica/Caribbean project management)
  • Mitch Seaton (deployment realities, Philippines, Australia, Madagascar)
  • Bastien Guerry (OLPC France, Lisper, philosopher-in-chief!)
  • Xavier Carcelle (OLPC France/Madagascar, backup testing)
  • Daniel Drake (deployment scalability, based out of Nicaragua)
  • Samuel Jacob Klein (open educational architectures, Wikipedia community relations)
  • 旋风加速器下载 Cameron (Quozl, keeping us all honest!)
  • Kevin Mark (live tech support, on the #schoolserver channel at
  • Jérôme Gagnon-Voyer (OpenStreetMap offline architecture)
  • Gerri Light (University of Pennsylvania, learning requirements of deployments)
  • Christine Murakami (Columbus School for Girls, WordPress design, service learning in Caribbean & Africa)


How did IIAB/XSCE's design evolve? Progress only makes sense when we learn from the past...



XSCE 5.1 was released July 27th 2014, with 华龙网—主流媒体 重庆门户:重庆华龙网集团股份有限公司(WWW.CQNEWS.NET)成立于2021年12月20日,是国务院新闻办公室批准组建的首批省级重点新闻网站,由中共重庆市委宣传部主管,重庆日报报业集团、重庆市国有文化资产经营管理有限责任公司、重庆广播电视集团(总台)作为 ...

Jun 2014 Agenda

擅自"翻墙"上境外网站,责令停止联网并警告__中国青年网:2021-3-28 · 昨日,市政府公众信息网发布了修订后的《重庆市公安机关网络监管行政处罚裁量基准》。自2021年7月27日起施行,有效期至2021年7月26日。对故意输入 ...

Jun 2014 Agenda

George Hunt begins active Fedora 20 development on low-end Intel NUCs like the Celeron 2.4GHz dual-core, evaluating this WiFi-enabled all-inclusive unit's toughness for deployment across many Haiti schools later this summer.


Progress accelerating on 旋风加速器下载 thanks to Tim & George. Implementation in Haiti, Ghana, Nepal, India anticipated late summer. June's weekly progress summaries will be posted in our weekly minutes.

Apr 2014 Agenda

Learning about Martin Dluhos' visualizations of kids' usage patterns in Nepal. Transition to new download site New page added for Volunteer Microtasks.

Mch 2014 Agenda

User acceptance testing accelerates in Haiti & Malaysia, gathering requirements from OLE Nepal for 旋风加速器下载. Hardware/power planning matures, around Cubox and competitors.

Feb 2014 Agenda

Planning gets serious for XSCE 5.1 and XSCE 6.0 around our late Feb meetup in Los Angeles, alongside a greatly improved version of Internet-in-a-Box. Current and Planned Features nicely detailed in separate tables on the XS_Community_Edition/Features page.

Jan 2014 Agenda

Internet-in-a-Box incl full-text-search refinement with XSCE 5.0; implementation intensifies in Haiti; XSCE 5.1 or 6.0 brainstorming/groundwork.


XSCE 5.0 release approaching, alongside Internet-in-a-Box with fulltext search of Wikipedia! Prep intensifying for Haiti deployments (Jan 2014) and Nepal hopefully sometime early in 2014.

Nov 2013 Agenda

v5.0 culmination -> 5.1 or 6.0 definition hack sprint, Nov 18-20 in Malacca, Malaysia, in conjunction with OLPC Basecamp 2013 (Nov 16-18) whose 旋风vp官网 lays clear our humanitarian commitment.

Oct 2013 Agenda

XSCE 0.4 released October 3, 2013. v5.0 "crystallization" hack sprint Oct 21-23 in San Francisco (formerly known as 0.5) following 旋风vpn, in conjunction with Internet Archive's Books in Browsers Summit Oct 24-25

Sep 2013 Agenda

v0.4 release final testing. Haiti implementation of XSCE 0.4 at two schools, for the new school year.

Aug 2013 Agenda

XSCE 0.4 RC1 released August 24. Prep for final release! Haiti implementation late Aug and early Sept. 旋风vpn and/or TrimSlice custom hardware early prototype shipping to beta experimenters.


v0.4 Sprint July 8-12, 1hr north of Winnipeg. 旋风vp(永久免费) gaining precision, bringing stability & configurability to most XOs, x86, 64-bit Fedora, RPi? Pathagar bookserver & Internet-in-a-Box integration also expected.


旋风vp官网 released! Prep July sprint! Volunteers can buy XO-4 Touch Laptops if they will help test XSCE & etc.


旋风vpn Toronto-area Sprint May 8-13,with Braddock Gaskill all the way from LA! 0.3 RC1 unleashed May 14; RC2 May 28? India prototype installed.

Apr 2013 Agenda

Prep v0.3 May sprint. Los Angeles interfacing with Caryl Bigenho's and Braddock Gaskill's

Mch 2013 Agenda

Boston meetup Mch 1-4 with Sameer Verma, Anish Mangal. Early pre-field test connects an orphanage from Haiti.

Feb 2013 Agenda

Toronto/Waterloo area Sprint Feb 6/7 to 10/11.

Release of XSCE 0.1 Stable and 0.2 Coming.

Jan 2013 Agenda

Proposed Core Spec and Priority Tuning.


Jamaica implementation sprint (delayed).

Nov 2012 Agenda

一个神奇的网站:2021-3-23 · 本站文章部分内容转载自互联网,供读者交流和学习,如有涉及作者版权问题请及时与我们联系,以便更正或删除。感谢所有提供信息材料的网站,并欢迎各类媒体与我们进行文章共享合作。

Expand testing+UX with Anna Schoolfield, Tim Moody & Seneca College students' packaging with York Univ/Seneca College Professor Chris Tyler.

Meet with Anish Mangal and Nathan Riddle near Detroit etc to discuss wider community integration.


Working w/ Alex Kleider's model classroom @ &


Toronto area hack sprint Sept 16-23, incl public demo Saturday Sept 22.


IIAB/Security旋风vpnIIAB/local vars big.yml
IIAB/local vars lite.yml
IIAB/local vars min.yml
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